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Since it is more and more dificult to preserve the old pianola rolls, many attempts have been made to make copies of them. Unfortunately these early efforts were hampered by difficulties to read the rolls with the required high precision.

Euterpe Rolls created the best way to read and cut new rolls with laser precision, because Euterpe Rolls uses light for reading and laser techniques to cut the holes in the paper.

This unique way of creating new rolls is not only for the duplication of old existing rolls but also possible for creating new rolls from existing midi files.


Old & New

We provide exact copies from existing rolls

And we can make new rolls from youre favorite compositions


Curious or shy of disappointment?

You can listen to the roll on our website before you buy it.

Upload midi

Create new Rolls? That's what we're going to do, but it is still in development!

We are working very hard on this.

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We provide exact copies from existing rolls

And we can make new rolls from your favorite compositions

Euterpe Rolls™

Buy from stock

We provide exact copies if existing rolls

Choose your favorite music from our stock collection

Midi Library

Find your favorite music in our daily growing library

And pre-listen the compositition online

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Do you want your custom music on a roll?

Upload your midi files to let us print your custom roll

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Your favorite music not available?

Sign up and make a request in our online community

About us

Who is Euterpe Rolls?

We are Marcel Veel and Koos van Kruistum. Together we have set up Euterpe Rolls to make it possible for you as a proud Welte-owner to have the opportunity to buy our rolls.

We strive to ensure that rare scrolls will no longer be rare, but that they may be added to your collection. We are also developing a technique to produce a roll from an existing midi file. This is a unique step in the Welte-Mignon Red world.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and our website for this. Here you will also find the new copies that we release every week.

Roll of the month


This month we have another special roll for you!

We are proude to present the first succesfull convert from anothe type of roll to Welte Mignon.

You can now buy this roll at Euterpe Rolls!

Fantasy Pieces, Op. 3- No. 1, Elegie, Eb_A69253 - Rachmaninoff, Sergei - Rachmaninoff, Sergei

Roll number WE0002 - Listen here

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